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At De Gouden Kooi we build escape rooms where we focus very much on the experience and the story. In this way we hope to give young and old an unforgettable day. We continue to invest in our escape rooms which means that you can enter a magical world every time. 

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De Gouden Kooi has been based in a historical building in the centre of Mechelen since April 1st, 2016. A second location by the river Dijle (Haverwerf) opened the 29th of March 2019. At the end of 2019, we received our first international award for our escape experience at Haverwerf. You can find more information about the start of the opening of the second location here.

We are Jan and Bert, and we are the creators of the Gouden Kooi. We are passionate by Escape Games. We create and build the rooms by ourselves. Though the rooms come in first, we think everything that comes with it is as important: The total experience is all that counts, each and every day we try to improve this.

We are both commercial engineers by education (University of Antwerp) and for 10 years we both worked in different functions.

The idea of puttin up a business played for a while, and after getting to get a feel with the concept of Escape Games, we took it on. We said goodbye to our jobs to dedicate ourselves completely to the Gouden Kooi. The ultimate goal was pretty clear from the beginning: To find a mix of good story-telling, mind-breaking puzzles and an overall nice experience before, during and after the game.

We now dare to boldly clame that the Gouden Kooi is the number one in Escape Games centres in Belgium, and we keep on going to find new ways to improve our rooms and the global exprience that comes with it. We are truly convinced that the clients journey starts even before the moment he crosses our doorstep and it comes to an end with the aftermath. We want to give the client an unforgettable experience from beginning ’till the end.

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De Gouden Kooi goed doel

As of November 2017, DGK will be permanently sponsoring a charity in Mechelen, where DGK started. Our charity is Sint Vincentius Mechelen, which provides material and financial assistance to help needy people integrate themselves back into society. For an agreed upon period, Sint Vincentius Mechelen provides support so that people can get back on their feet again. You can find more information on their website.

When you make a booking with us, you can opt for a voluntary donation of € 0,25 and De Gouden Kooi will double that amount and send € 0,50 per booking to Sint Vincentius Mechelen.

A small gesture, but small donations together can make a big difference.