Escape rooms as teambuilding

De Gouden Kooi provides your company the opportunity to combine several business initiatives with an escape room. There are several possibilities: rent our meeting room, practice team building by playing an escape room or participate in a training program in which the escape room are fully integrated.

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Escape rooms as a fun teambuilding activity

In groups of two to six colleagues, you will play an escape room and will be the protagonists of an exciting story. The goal: to escape a locked room within 60 (or 70) minutes. You do this by solving a series of puzzles. It is not about trivia, IQ riddles or word games, but rather, original puzzles where both teamwork and individual talent play a major role. You will have to use your brain as well as your hands.

We have different rooms on 2 locations in the centre of Mechelen. Therefore we can accomodate large groups. Up until 36 persons can play simultaneously. If you combine this with a meeting, a presentation or other activities, it can be worked in rotation for even larger groups.

Each room is unique. Both the story and the puzzles are original and carefully crafted.

Find out our rates here.


Escape walk experience: outdoor fun

Our escape walk experience is the outdoor version of our escape rooms. In teams of 2 to 6 people, your adventure starts at our location on Haverwerf. In a thematically decorated room, you will receive your mission for the next 2,5 hours in a fun way. This walk distinguishes itself from other city walks: it was made in collaboration with Tourism Mechelen, and you won’t go on your way with pen and paper, tablet or phone. The real puzzles can be found on your path at various locations and are fully integrated into the city.

The walk ends with a grand finale back at our location on Haverwerf.

Find out our rates here.

This team building activity was the winner of the competition in the context of “Mechelen team building city 2023”.

(Dutch movie)

Meeting, company presentation or a brainstorming session

Our pleasant meeting room is available for various purposes. The room can accommodate up to 24 persons, provides all the necessary technical facilities and meeting materials. Different configurations are possible, depending on your needs. Combine your activity with an escape game and create a day to remember!

We also offer different catering possibilities: breakfast, lunch or snacks as well as “after work” aperitifs are among our offers.

Find out our rates here.

If you have a specific question, please do not hesitate to contact us or leave your phone number. We will call you when it suits you.

Training program

For the menu of our training program we rely confidently on our partner Optima Facto. They have provided high quality training for many years and have all the necessary certificates. The escape games are an essential part of the training.

The purpose of the integration of the escape game into the training is four-fold:

  • You will learn the unique personality of your colleagues in an original way.
  • You come into contact with each other’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how to cope as a team.
  • You learn to efficiently and effectively work together. The concept of “the right person in the right place” will be crucial.
  • You get to know yourself better and discover how you function at your best in a team.

Available education themes and workshops

  • Common communication skills
  • Functioning as a team
  • Working with deadlines and timing
  • Working with your strengths and talents
  • Personal leadership and ‘Accountability’ Personality characteristics
  • Please ask us if you’ve got another theme on your mind!


You cannot book for businesses purposes during office hours through our booking tool. We are happy to make you a customized program. Therefore, fill out the contact form, or call us, we will get back to you as soon as possible. The rates below are rates excluding VAT.

Escape room

Escape game (location Gerechtstraat 10): €120 per escape game
Escape experience (location Haverwerf 7): €160 per escape experience (€180 for Han’s revenge)

The perfect team building activity!
Maximum 6 persons per room. Different rooms available:
4 escape games and 2 escape experiences

Escape walk experience

Escape walk experience (location Haverwerf 7): €42,45 per escape walk experience

Our escape walk experience is the perfect outdoor team-building activity!
The escape walk experience is suitable for a group of 2 to 6 people, and a new group can depart every 45 minutes (or 30 minutes upon request).
The walk lasts for 2,5 hours.

Meeting Room

(only available at our location Escape games (Gerechtstraat) and only in combination with escape rooms)

Half a day (4 hours): 170
Whole day (8 hours): 250
Only for catering (1 hour): €75

  • The capacity of the meeting room is 24 persons.
  • Our meeting room is equipped with flipchart, projector, screen, pen and paper, wifi.
  • Our walls are not 100% soundproof, so during your meeting you may occasionally hear surprised cries from one of our escape rooms.


Common communication skills
Functioning as a team
Working with deadlines and timing
Working with your strengths and talents
Personal leadership and ‘Accountability’
Personality characteristics

All the trainings are organised by our preferred partner Optima Facto.
Let us know if you’ve got another theme on your mind!

Contact us for a measure made price offer.

Catering in our meeting room

(only available at our location Escape games (Gerechtstraat) and only in combination with escape rooms)

Light breakfast: €9 pp
Coffee (Nespresso), tea (Palais des Thés), orange juice, water, fresh fruit and pastries.

Snacks and drinks: €8 pp (half a day), € 15 pp (whole day)
Coffee (Nespresso), tea (Palais des Thés), orange juice, soft drink, water, fresh fruit, snacks

Lunch: basic sandwiches: €11 pp
Various sandwiches, drinks included.

Luxurous sandwiches: €18 pp
Various sandwiches and a small salad made by Bokes & Co drinks included.

Out house catering

(only in combination with escape rooms)

Hot meal (lunch or diner):

For a hot meal we can recommend a beautiful place: Puro.
Puro guarantees cozy dining in a former brewery and can be found within walking distance of De Gouden Kooi.

We created menus in different price categories. You give us your choice, and we will arrange everything.
The current menus in the offer can be requested via email from us.

Do you prefer something else? Then take a look at our collaboration with even more restaurants. You make a reservation yourself and eat à la carte. And if you bring our voucher, you get a nice benefit for the whole group!

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