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We took our escape games to another level and created escape experiences.
Are you looking for the ‘next level’ and bigger escape rooms? Are you looking for a thorough story and an adventure where the experience and immersion is paramount? Then this is the right choice.
Escape experiences are not necessarily more difficult than escape games. Escape experiences are our ‘next-level’ escape rooms and are ideal if you are looking for a thorough experience and immersion. So you don’t necessarily have to be an experienced escaper to play our escape experiences.
You can find our escape experience at our location Haverwerf in the city centre of Mechelen.


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The secret of Saint-Rumoldus

Escape experience

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An old legend tells the tale of the cowardly murder of Saint-Rumoldus, patron saint of Mechelen, around the year 770. In the vicinity of Mechelen, deep in the forests of the rural town of Hombeek, Rumoldus realised his plan to build a small church.

Much against the custom of his time, he paid his construction crew a fair salary for their work, leading the locals to suspect that Rumoldus had to be exceptionally wealthy. During an evening stroll on the church grounds one night, Rumoldus was mugged by two men. They beat him to death and robbed him of what little money he had on him, before dumping his body in the river Dijle and fleeing the crime scene. A couple of days later, a passerby noticed a magical light shining over the water. Rumoldus’ body was recovered from the water and serenely laid out in the church.

Ever since, a devoted congregation has been watching over his grave and church. Every now and then, ‘miracles’ occur in the church of Saint-Rumoldus: tears start to well up in the eyes of the saint statues, candles suddenly light up near the shrine…

That is why believers from all corners of the country come to visit the church to honour Saint-Rumoldus.

Out of the blue, you receive a call from pastor Albay, nowadays the custodian of the church. Impressed and driven to despair by recent “abnormal activities”, the priest was forced to flee from the church. He now needs your help to find out what is going on and to discover the cause of the miracles…

industrie icoonHaverwerf 7, Mechelen

2 to 6 players included

70 minutes


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Prices escape experience

The price of an escape experience depends on the number of people in one escape experience:

2 players: €120 per escape experience / €60 per person
3 players: €130 per escape experience / €43,33 per person
4 players: €140 per escape experience / €35 per person
5 players: €150 per escape experience / €30 per person
6 players: €160 per escape experience / €26,67 per person


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Escape experience: next level escape rooms to remember.

In addition to fun escape games, we also offer unique escape experiences. These escape experiences are ideal if you’re looking for complete immersion. Our escape experience is greater in every way: a lot of attention has been paid to the decor, it contains more special effects and has a strong focus on the story. The room is also considerably larger than that of escape games (larger than 100 m²) and contains more different spaces. Escape experiences are not necessarily more difficult than escape games.