A super nice escape walk experience in Mechelen!

Are you looking for a fun and active way to explore the city while taking a nice walk with your family, friends or colleagues? Then our escape walk is perfect for you!

Put on your walking shoes and embark on this unique gaming experience together. If you want to challenge your mind and hands while enjoying a walk through the city, then book an escape walk through Mechelen with De Gouden Kooi today! Read on to find out what you can expect from this unique group activity.

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Why choose the escape walk experience of De Gouden Kooi?

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The walk starts and ends at our location in a real life police station where you are immediately immersed in the story right from the start.

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This is not a standard walk where you walk through the city with a smartphone or tablet. Instead, these are real puzzles integrated into various locations throughout the city.

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A murder mystery with 3 alternate endings. How the story ends for you depends on your detective skills.

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The escape walk has been completely tailored to Mechelen. For this, we worked closely with the tourism department of the City of Mechelen.

DE NEKKER escape walk experience

The local police of Mechelen is at a loss. The Nekker, an ancient Mechelen legend, seems to be back. And he apparently already made several victims! The police suspects that it is a copycat and seems to be on the trail of the perpetrator. They call upon a decisive team of detectives in a race against time.

Are you the detective team that solves this mystery and puts a stop to the Nekker once and for all?

2 to 6 walkers

2,5 hours (3 kilometer – 1,9 miles)

haverwerf icoonStart and end: Haverwerf 7, Mechelen

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Frequently asked questions

How much does an escape walk experience cost?

An escape walk experience costs €45 per group (2 to a maximum of 6 people).

How long is the walk?

You can do the walk at your own pace, but there is a maximum time limit of 2,5 hours. At the end of the 2,5 hours it is up to you to identify the perpetrator. This certainly doesn’t mean that you have to run across the city to meet this timing, but if you take long breaks during the trip, you probably won’t be able to collect all the evidence. The walking distance is approximately 3 kilometers (1,9 miles).

What is the maximum number of people who can participate in an escape walk experience?

You can do an escape walk experience with a group of 2 to 6 people.

What is the minimum age requirement for the escape walk experience?

Our escape walk experience is suitable for both young and old. Families, team buildings, groups of friends, etc. The activity is accessible and fun. For teams under 14 years old, at least one adult supervisor is required.

When is it possible to do an escape walk experience?

You can book our escape walk experience during the weekend and on (public) holidays.
We close the walk just after the autumn break and open again from the spring break.

The easiest way to know when you can do an escape walk experience is to consult our online booking system. There you can see when walks are still available and book right away if you want.

Is there a day or time when we have not opened a time slot and you would still like to come? Contact us for more information. We are happy to add moments for you. We open when at least 3 consecutive walks are booked.

Where am I expected to start the escape walk experience?

You are expected at your booked starting time at our branch located at the Haverwerf (near the Lamot site, across from the Vismarkt).

In which language can I do the escape walk experience?

The escape walk is available in Dutch. If one team member speaks Dutch, the walk can also be done by non-Dutch speaking groups.

Do you need to book an escape walk experience in advance?

Yes. Because the walk starts and ends with an immersion in the story, advance booking is mandatory. Be sure to check out our online booking calendar. There may still be spots available today.

What should I bring?

We aim to provide real-life experiences and therefore try to avoid digital tools as much as possible. No VR, AR, scouring Facebook pages, or exploring Wikipedia… Instead, you’ll enjoy a fun walk through Mechelen where you’ll need both your brain and your hands. Any tips you might need during the walk will be provided digitally. Therefore, you’ll need a device that can go online and read QR codes (most smartphones can do this easily via the camera, without an extra app). In other words, it’s best not to forget your smartphone (1 for the whole team will do).

Is the escape walk experience accessible for wheelchair users?

For our escape walk, you will walk from puzzle to puzzle through the center of Mechelen. The puzzle locations are all perfectly accessible for wheelchair users, but not all puzzles can be solved exclusively by wheelchair users. Some puzzles may require physical skills that a wheelchair user may not have. Therefore, a team with wheelchair users must consist of at least two mobile individuals.

Can my dog ​​come along?

Your dog can certainly come along, but cannot enter our police station for the start and the end of the walk. The dog must wait outside. It would be a pity if 1 walker stayed with the dog and missed the start and finish as these really are an essential part of the whole experience. But if you really like taking your dog on a walk, we can’t stop you, can we?

If it’s raining, can I cancel?

Borrow an umbrella at our place and go for it! In case of last-minute cancellations, there is no refund. Our regular sales conditions apply.

Do you have any more questions?

Contact us!

Enjoy an escape walk experience through Mechelen

An escape room walk experience, bookable at De Gouden Kooi in Mechelen, is the perfect activity for a bachelorette party, a birthday party with family and friends, or an original team building with your colleagues. During the escape room walk, you’ll walk about three kilometers (1,9 miles) through the city center. Along the way, you’ll encounter the most fun puzzles, codes, mysteries, and riddles. Can the detectives in your group crack the code?

At De Gouden Kooi, you can play escape rooms as well as escape walks. With us, you can enjoy a complete detective experience. Would you like to know more about an escape walk through Mechelen? Then contact us today. Fill out the online contact form, send an email to info@degoudenkooi.be, or call us at +3215/67.68.86 for more information about our formulas for young and old.

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