Do you want to enjoy a meal in Mechelen?

Are you looking for a nice restaurant to have a bite to eat before or after playing our escape room? We made a delicious selection of restaurants in the center of Mechelen, and also provided a nice extra to pamper you, as a customer of De Gouden Kooi. Choose your favorite restaurant, print our unique voucher and enjoy your benefit. Each restaurant is located in the center of Mechelen, and therefore within walking distance of both of our locations.

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Our recommendations



Cozy dining in a former brewery at the very heart of Mechelen

What do we like about Puro?

At Puro everyone will find what they are looking for: from a simple pot roast to higher-priced dishes like lobster preparations.
There is also a lot of space, so you can go to Puro with large groups.

Benefit for De Gouden Kooi customers

Enjoy a free cava (or soda) as an aperitif.
* Cannot be combined with De Gouden Kooi menus for large groups

Local Table & Tap

Food & drinks sharing with a local interdependence

What do we like about Local Table & Tap?

Local Table & Tap brings the tapas culture to the heart of Mechelen.
You can enjoy the famous plates and bites on the lovely terrace on the Vismarkt, all made with local products.
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Benefit for De Gouden Kooi customers

A free drink with the purchase of a plate (every person who orders at least one plate receives a drink).

Balls & Glory

Honest, oven baked and made by hand balls

What do we like about Balls & Glory?

At Balls & Glory you can enjoy simple but tasty balls, famous for their delicious liquid stuffing. Enjoy free fruit and water with a touch of lemon. No soda on the menu, but real Belgian craft beers and homemade juices and lemonades.

Benefit for De Gouden Kooi customers

Enjoy a free homemade lemonade with your meal.

Croque ‘n Roll

Fresh homemade croques with a delicious salad

What do we like about Croque ‘n Roll?

Croque ‘n Roll elevates the well-known croque monsieur to unprecedented heights. Due to the great diversity there is something for everyone. You can enjoy the sun on the nice terrace on the Ijzerenleen and you are right in the bustling center of Mechelen.

Benefit for De Gouden Kooi customers

Enjoy a free homemade dessert with your croque and drink.


Haevenly pizza and glorious beer

What do we like about Otomat?

Otomat is not just a pizzeria. They gave a nice Belgian twist to the Italian recipe: Duvel beer yeast in the dough, surprising high-quality toppings and interesting beer pairings. You can relax on the terrace on the charming Vismarkt.

Benefit for De Gouden Kooi customers

Enjoy a free drink with your meal (no cocktails).


Enjoy your meal!

Have fun with your escape game or experience, and enjoy your meal!

Choose the restaurant of your preference.
Print your voucher (1 per group is sufficient).
Hand in your voucher to your waiter.

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