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What is the difference between an Escape game and an Escape experience?

An escape experience is ‘the next level’ compared to a normal escape game. An escape experience is perfectly playable by everyone, but also those who expect a little more from an escape room will certainly get their money’s worth. An escape experience is not more difficult than an escape game. An escape experience takes place in a larger space and gives you more time to escape. There is a thorough focus on the story, the finish of the decor and the special effects. The experience and immersion is key. In addition, our escape experiences take place in a different location than the escape rooms. You can find De Gouden Kooi on two locations in the centre of Mechelen: our 4 Escape games are located at Gerechtstraat 10 (street behind the justice building). The address for our Escape experiences is Haverwerf 7 (square across from Vismarkt).

Want to know more? We have neatly listed all the differences on this page.

Being locked-up? Is that safe?

Your safety and the safety of our employees comes first. Different initiatives were taken to  guarantee your safety. These are the most important ones:

  • A fire detection system is in place in the building and in the escape rooms.
  • There is an emergency button in every escape room to be able to leave the room at any given time.
  • Fire extinguishers are placed in the building.
  • Emerceny lighting is installed.
  • All electric locks will open if there’s any sign of emergency.
  • The local firebrigade did check our premesis.

These measures (and others) guarantee your safety so you can safely play an escape room at De Gouden Kooi.

Can children play an escape game as well?

We have already received several groups of children. Based on these experiences, we would like to give the following advice:

  • Children over 8 years can play the game. This age is not an absolute minimum limit: for example, if you would like to come with your family with a child of 7 and 9 years old, then the child of 7 years old will also have a great time.
  • Children under 12 years old are preferably accompanied by at least one adult.
  • Children over 12 years old can play the game perfectly without adults.

We monitor the game remotely and we can assist the children with tips and hints when necessary.

Is a good physical fitness important?

No, the game is suitable for everyone. Physical efforts are not required. Depending on the escape room, you will occasionally have to crawl or climb a staircase. Not sure if a certain escape room is right for you? For example, do you suffer from claustrophobia, do you have back problems or are you heavily pregnant? Please contact us in advance for tailor-made advice.

How can I book?

You can book an escape game online by using our online booking system. Please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call at (+32) 015/67.68.67 if you don’t succeed.

How long does an escape Game at De Gouden Kooi take?

If you play one of our Escape games, you get 60 minutes to escape the room. If you play an Escape experience, you get 70 minutes.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes, you can indeed. You can find all details here.

In which languages can you play the escape games?

We strive to make the various riddles and puzzles language independent. In the unlikely event that language still plays a role, for our Escape games, we ensure that both Dutch, French and English people can play the escape game perfectly. For our Escape experiences, Dutch and English language is ensured. Basic knowledge of these languages is sufficient to be able to play the game.

I have a gift voucher of Mechelen or a BEFEB escape room voucher. Can I use this at De Gouden Kooi?

Yes, you certainly can. We prefer that you contact us beforehand. We will immediately add the value of your voucher to your booking. Don’t worry if you already booked: bring your voucher with you the day of your escape, and we will pay you back the value of the voucher. If you’ve got another voucher: please check with us how to proceed.

What to bring along?

You do not need anything except your common sense. Remember to bring your glasses if you wear one.

Is it possible that I’ve already played a De Gouden Kooi escape room somewhere else?

No. All of our rooms are absolutely unique. The stories and puzzles are all original and carefully designed by the owners of De Gouden Kooi.

If I book a room for fewer players than the maximum capacity of the room, is it possible that other people are added to the room?

No. Any room that you book is reserved for your team alone. No other people are added to the room if your team does not reach the maximum capacity.

Are the escape rooms of De Gouden Kooi wheelchair accessible?

The escape rooms are not wheelchair accessible. Nevertheless, we already received escapers in a wheelchair. Because everyone’s mobility is different, we recommend contacting us. This way we can look together at which escape room is most suitable for your mobility.

How much does it cost?

You can find the prices for our escape rooms here.
Companies can have a look a this page.

I have a question about the escape walk experience.

Take a look at this webpage. You will find all answers and questions.

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